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Quality Sports Products from Local Indonesian Brands

Quality Sports Products from Local Indonesian Brands


Whether you believe it or not, athletes' success in achieving victory is closely linked to the comfort of the jersey they wear. Therefore, choosing the right sportswear is crucial for sports enthusiasts. The ultimate goal is to ensure smooth, comfortable, and safe sports activities while minimizing the risk of injury.

It's great to know that numerous local brands offer a wide range of high-quality clothing designs, shoes, and sports equipment. Despite being more affordable than foreign brands, local brands' quality is equally good. Here are some recommendations for local sports product brands that you can consider:


As a lover of sports, especially soccer, you must have heard of this local brand quite often. Erspo is a local brand that was chosen to produce the Indonesian National Soccer Team jersey. 

Although it looks ordinary, there is something unique about the national team jersey collection from Erspo, precisely on the use of jacquard or philosophically intricate patterned fabrics. In addition, Erspo also raised the design theme "echoes of allegiance", inspired by the support of Indonesian national team supporters in the stadium.


You are surely familiar with this local brand, other than Erspo, right? Specs is a local brand that has been around since 1980 and produces a wide range of sports equipment, whether it's equipment for futsal, football, or running. 

For your information, Specs has focused on releasing several shoe collections since 1995. In 2004, Specs began to expand into various other sports products. This local brand has sponsored several Indonesian football clubs, such as Persipura Jayapura and Persija Jakarta, as well as the Indonesian national futsal team. Specs continue to innovate, offering a futsal shoe collection prioritizing comfort, efficient and fast-running shoes, jersey collections, and other sports equipment and accessories.


Next is Reds!, a local brand from Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), famous for its jersey designs. Unlike other jerseys, the Reds! collection has successfully attracted the attention of the public and sports lovers with its eccentric and unique designs. 

One of the designs that caught attention was the Reds!' yellow jersey. This jersey features two mountains, the sun, a winding road, and additional elements of houses and rice fields. This unique visual reminds you of your elementary school memories, right? 

Photo: One of the running shoes from local brand Ortuseight (Official IG @ortuseightrunning)


Established in 2018, Ortuseight is a local brand that sells a wide range of top-quality sports goods. This local brand from Tangerang sells many sports collections, one of which is a running shoe called "Solar". Amazingly, Ortuseight's collaboration with Andy Wibowo is officially certified by World Athletics. This means that Ortuseight's Solar shoes are suitable for road races, cross-country races, and trail races. 

Castle Cycling

If you love cycling but have yet to find the right clothes, Castle Cycling is one of the local brands you should consider. Castle Cycling offers a wide range of high-quality cycling clothing. Castle Cycling's most popular collection is its cycling jersey line, which offers unparalleled comfort and focuses on designs suitable for long rides or touring. In addition, Castle Cycling also has a collection of vests that can withstand the wind while cycling. 

Noore Sport

Unlike other local brands, Noore Sport has a different concept. While some previous brands focused on creating products for men, Noore Sport is famous for its hijab-friendly products. Known for its simple yet elegant design, Noore Sport has collections for different sports. This local brand also has a collection of clothes for outdoor sports to swimsuits specifically for women with hijab.

Cover: Indonesia's national soccer team wearing a jersey made by local brand Erspo (@erspoofficial)

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