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Indonesian Film Production House Successfully Reaching the Box Office

Indonesian Film Production House Successfully Reaching the Box Office


The film industry in Indonesia is experiencing significant growth, as evidenced by the numerous new films produced by local filmmakers that have been viewed by millions of people and set new records. The success of these local films demonstrates their potential and the opportunities for reaching a wider audience.

The growth of the Indonesian film industry is not only due to the audience's enthusiasm but also thanks to the increase in domestic film production houses (PH) producing films very well. The production house's success in producing quality Indonesian films has also resulted in their inclusion on the Indonesian box office list.

Another interesting fact is that some of these Indonesian film production houses are still relatively new but have succeeded in proving their quality with fantastic numbers of viewers. So, what production houses have successfully created the best films and entered the Indonesian box office? Here's the list:

MD Pictures

When discussing Indonesian films, the production house MD Pictures is almost always on the list. Many of the best local films made by MD Pictures have been successful on the Indonesian big screen. One of them is KKN di Desa Penari (2022). This film, directed by Awi Suryadi, is still in first place at the Indonesian box office with over 10 million viewers!

Apart from KKN di Desa Penari, this production house, founded in 2002, has made over 20 best films. Some of them: Ayat-Ayat Cinta (2008), Preman in Love (2009), Habibie & Ainun (2012), Surga yang Tak Dirindukan (2015), Ancika: Dia yang Bersamaku 1995 (2024), and Badarawuhi di Desa Penari (2024).

Photo: Illustration of a local movie that made it to the box office (Shutterstock/gnepphoto)

Falcon Pictures

Falcon Pictures is an Indonesian film production house founded in 2010. It is renowned for its exceptional work, and almost every movie produced by Falcon Pictures makes the annual box office list.

The films include Comic 8: Casino Kings Part 1 (2015), which successfully ranked 3rd at the 2015 box office, Si Doel The Movie (2018), and Warkop DKI Reborn (2017), which still has more than 6 million viewers in the Indonesian box office.


Have you heard of this Indonesian film production house? For your information, Imajinari is a film production house founded by comedian and director Ernest Prakasa and Dipa Andika.

Even though relatively new, you should not underestimate the quality of Imajinari's films. One of Imajinari's latest films, which is booming, is Agak Laen (2024). This film successfully entered the Indonesian box office and was viewed by over 9 million people within 86 days of its release.

Apart from Agak Laen, the production house has produced several other notable films. These include Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap (2022), which was one of the best-selling films of the year it was released; Jatuh Cinta Seperti di Film-film (2023), which attracted over 600,000 viewers; and Harta Tahta Raisa, scheduled for release in June 2024.

Max Pictures

You've seen the movie Dilan 1990 (2018), right? The success of the movie Dilan 1990 at the Indonesian box office and watched with more than 6 million viewers cannot be separated from the role of the production house Max Pictures, who successfully worked on it very nicely.

Max Pictures is an Indonesian film production house established in 2011. Apart from Dilan 1990, many other films made by Max Pictures have successfully attracted the attention of many Indonesian film lovers. The films are Sabtu Bersama Bapak (2016), which managed to attract more than 600,000 viewers, and Dilan 1991 (2019), which reached 5 million viewers in 17 days of screening.


SinemArt is among the renowned Indonesian film production houses known for consistently delivering high-quality films. With over 20 years of establishment, SinemArt boasts a proud track record, producing over 24 films, 280 titles, and 28,000 TV series episodes.

Until now, SinemArt has been known as a production house famous for producing films of various genres, from drama to horror. Some of them are GIE (2002), Jomblo (2006), Pocong 2 (2006), Cintapuccino (2007), Tendangan dari Langit (2011), and many more.

Cover: llustration of a local movie production house that made it to the Indonesian box office (Shutterstock/Nicoleta Ionescu)

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